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City to carry out special inspections of construct


Since October 20, the city in full swing construction machinery safety special inspection action to ensure that the city's construction safety in production. Construction in progress until early November, the city inspected 30 ride hanging 69 units, construction elevator 10, issued by the security risks of a rectification notice of 24, 54 detect security risks, the rectification of 40, the rectification was 74 %.
November 8, the reporter to follow City construction safety supervision station inspectors came to the district's construction sites of the Yilin cell E Check the construction crane safe use. Inspectors after careful examination of the crane on the construction companies to further improve the safety management system for construction machinery, system, people, the system managed device. Construction enterprises and their project department should strengthen the construction site workers as well as special operations personnel, safety education, to take effective incentive measures and management tools, and put an end to the illegal operations of unlicensed operation, unlicensed conductor phenomenon. At the same time, the construction enterprises should strictly implement the monthly inspection system of construction machinery, not a mere formality, seek practical results, and make a construction crane maintenance ledger documenting the work.
The inspection, the construction safety supervision station in line with the principles of management, and thorough investigation and strict at the major hidden problems and violations of laws and relevant construction units in the examination of the special rectification or construction site, shall be lay-off rectification and strictly punished severely, prompting construction companies to improve safety awareness, and strengthen all parties in implementing the main responsibility, establish and improve production safety management system, and effectively prevent the production safety accidents.
City construction safety supervision station official said, will further strengthen the construction site for construction machinery use and management, strengthen the training of professional knowledge on the management of construction projects, construction machinery, while on the safety management of construction enterprises and supervision of enterprises do not perform their duties, behavior and strict management is not in place, shall be punished severely, to make sure that the city's construction market is normal, orderly and healthy development.