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Construction machinery Li Wan won in China's equip


19 to 20 October 2011, the theme of "opportunity, integration, strain the global construction equipment industry conference-cum-50 summit held in Beijing. At the meeting, Vice Minister of Industry and Information Technology Soupault, the State Department counselor Xiabin Deng to the global construction machinery industry giant, Caterpillar, Komatsu, Hitachi, Terex and other international giants, and XCMG The Zoomlion Liugong local leader of the main person in charge of the global construction equipment industry and equipment manufacturing industry growth status quo, development trend of the future forward direction were discussed.

Construction machinery to become China's equipment manufacturing backbone

The conference has been the attention and support of state and government. The General Assembly, former Deputy Prime Minister of the State Council Zeng Peiyan sent a congratulatory message. Congratulatory letter, Zeng said: "'Eleventh Five-Year' period, the Chinese equipment manufacturing industry rapid development, and constantly enhance the capability of independent innovation and international competitiveness of products is rising, the formation of enterprise groups with strong strength in a number of This changes the situation to rely on imports of Chinese large and very large engineering machinery products. "

Industry and Information Technology Vice Minister Su Bo said in a report: "'12' period in China's industrial development to adhere to the characteristics of the new road to industrialization, in order to accelerate the transformation of the main line as the main direction, restructuring, technology progress and innovation as an important support to accelerate the transformation and upgrading, fostering the growth of the emerging strategic industries, and significantly enhance the core competitiveness of industries, and comprehensively improve the quality and efficiency of industrial development, China must strive to foster and develop strategic emerging industries to speed up China's equipment manufacturing industry, changes in mode of development, promoting industrial restructuring. for the Chinese industrial transformation and upgrading of the major needs of the strategic development of new industries, according to market guidance, innovation-driven breakthroughs in key areas, leading the development of requirements, focus on the development of the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries and strategic new industries to develop high-tech high value-added equipment, efforts to enhance the ability of technological innovation and strive to high-end equipment manufacturing industry sales revenue in 2020 in the equipment manufacturing industry, accounting for up to 25%, the high-end equipment manufacturing industry development become a pillar industry of national economy. "

Equipment manufacturing industry, in particular, is one of the most important component - China construction machinery industry is the basis for the development of China's national economy, is one of the national effort to create a strategic industry, is an important guarantee for industry, industrial upgrading, technological progress, is the concentrated expression of the comprehensive national strength and technical level. In recent years, especially since the 11th Five-Year ", China's equipment manufacturing industry, in particular, is the rapid development of the construction machinery industry, the continued improvement of the industrial system, significantly enhanced the ability of technological innovation, significantly improved its international status and influence; At the same time , the strength of the Chinese enterprises to continue to improve. A strong impetus to national economic development, China's construction machinery manufacturing industry emerged more and more large enterprises with world-class scale and competitiveness. In 2010, the largest enterprise in the field of construction machinery in China - Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group operating income over 66 billion yuan; in the re Kodak to 52.3 billion yuan, 3 a group of more than 50 billion yuan. In recent years, XCMG, Zoomlion, Trinity Group and Liugong as the representative of China's large-scale equipment manufacturing enterprises, improve the product, innovation is not only frequently breakthrough, while the global control of resources, the ability to use overseas markets further expand capacity, but also enhance all-round. In addition to the market radius extending from developing countries to developed countries, Chinese companies are also increasingly skilled application of international acquisitions, partnerships, development of overseas business. At present, China engineering machinery on behalf of the enterprise, not only continued to consolidate its position in the Chinese market, and fully meet the market demand, but also very high in the threshold of the international market full breakthrough.

Chinese construction machinery market has become a global focus

"You are not Chinese, you do not see growth." This is the Terex CEO Ronald Defoe character asks a truth in the General Assembly.

After years of rapid development, the scale of China's construction machinery market has been ranked first in the world, industry scale will be over 500 billion yuan in 2011. Suzi Meng, secretary general of the China Construction Machinery Industry Association, said in the speech of the General Assembly, Chinese construction machinery market has become the world's most open competition is the most fully, most international markets in the world. Today, the 39 foreign companies in the top 50 global construction machinery manufacturers, of which 37 have entered the Chinese, and build a complete business system. Most enterprises, but also to invest in manufacturing and R & D base, and constantly improve the layout in China. At present, China has become the strategic center of gravity of these foreign companies expand globally.

XCMG, chairman and CEO Wang Min, Chinese enterprises is accelerating integration into the world, become an important driving force of the global industrial development. In this process, on the one hand, foreign enterprises have to push into China, China planted more and more substantial pieces, will be more synchronized with the world the concept of products, technologies into China, to promote faster development of the China Construction Machinery Industry . The same time, Chinese enterprises also accelerated sea, and vigorously promote the expansion into international markets. At present, Chinese enterprises overseas push forward, and has basically say goodbye to the simple product export model, in favor of high-end way to invest in factories abroad, overseas acquisitions. "A" between the competitive strength of China's construction machinery industry as a whole, is among the world's most advanced level of comprehensive docking.

In recent years, China's construction machinery industry in the development mode, the adjustment of economic structure significantly effective. The majority of Chinese enterprises by the past simple scale growth, market-driven development, the progressive realization of the transition to value-driven growth, rapidly increasing comprehensive strength, greatly enhance international competitiveness and industry position. At present, China engineering machinery not only production and sales amount of both ranked first in the world, but also to meet nearly 90 percent of mainland China's market demand.

Constant change as the development of the industry consensus

Although the Chinese construction machinery enterprises have made great progress, but some enterprises in the level of technology, innovation and product level, with international advanced enterprises there is a gap, but also must continue to learn from each other, innovative upgrade.

In this conference, the world's leading provider of enterprise, industry and corporate growth and development has launched a lively discussion. The gap between itself and the world's most advanced level, China's equipment manufacturing industry has defined the future direction and path. In this regard, Su Bo, Vice Minister, said: Next, the Chinese construction machinery industry to accelerate the transformation and upgrading to enhance the core competitiveness of industries, focus on the following four aspects: First, to enhance the capability of independent innovation, efforts to enhance the technical level and strive to achieve a major breakthrough in the key core components and industrial chain short board, and further improve the enterprises as the mainstay, market-oriented research using a combination of technological innovation system. to promote the depth of industrialization, information technology integration, and promote information technology in business R & D, manufacturing, business management, marketing, logistics and other aspects of the in-depth application to expedite the implementation of a manufacturing model to intelligence, networking, service changes. Third, we should promote a green low-carbon development, and promote the use of resources to the intensive , efficient, clean, safe change, to develop energy saving technologies, equipment and services. to accelerating the development of intellectual property rights and brand development of internationally competitive large enterprises and groups to promote the combination of competitive enterprises, cross- regional merger and reorganization of overseas mergers and acquisitions and investment cooperation, in-depth implementation of the 'going out' strategy to improve the level of international operations. "

Wang said that China, the first task of the Chinese construction machinery industry is in the growth momentum will change as the focus, the focus will be "the scale of the subject competition model into a" value for the competitiveness of the bull's-eye system, the quality of growth, customer value elements of the depth of implantation technology, innovation, brand, model changes, the industrial chain of vertical and horizontal growth reengineering. Chinese enterprises must completely change the past, extensive model of development, from the pursuit of scale before, an increase of growth, into a value-oriented, quality, revenue at the core of development. Meanwhile, Chinese companies must also build the platform for the development of a high-quality and efficient industrial chain system, in order to build enough to leveraging the new pedal to jump in the future.

It is understood that this session is jointly organized by the China Construction Machinery Industry Association and the American Association of Equipment Manufacturers, Construction Machinery Industry Association of Japan, South Korea Construction Machinery Industry Association. General Assembly, the construction machinery industry, the world's highest award - the Outstanding Contribution Award of the global construction machinery industry announced. Representatives of Chinese companies - Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group chairman and president of China, Zoomlion chairman and CEO of Chan Chun-Liugong Machinery President Zeng Guang An, Xiamen Engineering Machinery president Choi Kyu-congruent four entrepreneurs, and The world's leading business representatives, jointly received the award. The winners of the four corporate executives, no doubt reflects the high degree of recognition and affirmation of the global equipment manufacturing and construction machinery industry, engineering machinery industry reflects the depth into the world.

The meeting also released the same period of 2011 Top 50 Chinese construction machinery manufacturer list. 2011 global manufacturer of construction machinery 50, the number of Chinese companies once again a new record; XCMG, Zoomlion, Sany Group, ranked 10 out.