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Two construction machinery company in Japan to adj


"Japanese Economic News" reported that China's domestic financial policy tightening by the decline in demand for construction machinery, Komatsu and Hitachi Construction Machinery Company of Japan construction machinery giant adjusted its marketing structure, and outside of China to fill the vacancies in the market, expanding profithigh mining machinery and growth in demand for parts production, the effect is obvious.

     27, Komatsu and Hitachi Construction Machinery published financial forecasts, expected 2011 annual income (in March 2011, March 2012) was double-digit growth. Komatsu expected 2011 sales of 2.5 trillion yen, the profit of 282 billion yen, an increase of 11% and 26% respectively. Hitachi Construction Machinery is expected that the 2011 annual sales of 860 billion yen profit of 65 billion yen, an increase of 11% and 57% respectively.

     The national demand for construction machinery has accounted for half of the world. But since April this year, the Chinese government has adopted a tight monetary policy to reduce demand for construction machinery. Komatsu construction machinery in China sales reduced to 14 percent from 21 percent in 2011, Hitachi Construction Machinery to reduce from 27% to 20%. The two agencies quickly adjust the sales structure, to expand sales outside of China, Komatsu construction machinery in the Asia-Oceania regional sales outside of China increased by 31%, North America and Europe increased by 25% and 20% respectively.

     Mining machinery competitors (the United States alone Caterpillar a) less product profitability, the two agencies were in sales of mining machinery, in order to improve the proportion of earnings. Komatsu for the emerging countries in Southeast Asia Mining Machinery sales increase significantly, reaching a record high of 543 billion yen, an increase of 30%.

     Future demand for construction machinery tend to be stable, but the demand for tires and other parts will also soared. Komatsu began in 2009 in Indonesia, China, India, Russia and other resources of national construction parts production base, will be further increase in the parts warehouse and service bases. Hitachi Construction Machinery parts sales in 2011 to 165.7 billion yen, an increase of 19 percent, accounting for half of the full-year profit contribution, Hitachi Construction Machinery plans to invest 47 billion yen in the next three years, used to improve the parts production capacity.