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Global construction machinery demand will reach $


Expected in 2015, the global construction equipment demand will reach $ 171 billion, an annual growth rate of 6.5 percent growth, in line with the period 2005-2010 the growth rate.

2008 and 2010 suffered serious losses, it is expected that equipment sales in North America, Western Europe and Eastern Europe will be a sharp rebound. On the contrary, is expected in the period 2010-2015 in the Africa / Middle East, Asia / Pacific and Central and South America market sales growth will slow, because the mining and construction activities of these areas will be more moderate speed of growth. These trends and other trends, industrial market research firm in Cleveland - Freedonia Group Company (The Freedonia Group, Inc.) in the global construction machinery proposed.

More than half will come from the Asia / Pacific region in 2010 and 2015, all the extra construction equipment needs. Expected sales of construction machinery in 2015 will be nearly 7% annual growth rate each year, construction spending and the mining industry production increased in Although this is a healthy growth, however, compared with the period 2005-2010 recorded double-digit annual growth rate of this growth deceleration. India, China, Malaysia and Indonesia ranked among the Asian countries will have strong growth. 2015, all new equipment demand in China alone will account for 39%.

Is expected that the demand for construction machinery in North America each year will be nearly 7% growth rate, because sales of U.S. products will be quickly restored in 2010 and 2015. Expected growth in U.S. demand for construction machinery will be more than 7% annually due to the storm of the residential construction market and the global financial crisis, the 2007 and 2010, sales dropped significantly in 2010 and 2015 during this period The rate of growth. Expected in 2015, Mexico also will have better performance, while Canada's growth rate will slow down slightly, which is due to the limited growth of the construction activities.

Following the 2008 and 2010, suffered considerable losses, it is expected that the construction machinery market in Eastern and Western Europe will be rejuvenated, because the development will stimulate the increase of the equipment needs of construction spending and mining activities. EU countries using the fourth stage emission standards for non-road engines (expected to drive the prices of construction machinery growth) will increase revenue.